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Nilfisk Alto Neptune 2 Pressure Washer


  •     Unique vertical design with reduced footprint, easy storage   possibilities.
  •     Low fuel costs with the EcoPower boiler system.
  •     High reliability thanks to flame sensor, exhaust gas sensor, low fuel security and DuoMotor system.
  •     High performance levels for efficient cleaning.
  •     Ergonomic accessory concept.
  •     3 % lower fuel consumption
  •     42 % smaller footprint.
  •     10 % greater running time(based on full fuel tank)
  •     100 % mobility.
  • Compact mobile hot water high pressure washers with unique vertical design.Innovative compact hot water unit with unique vertical design, high performance and great reliability.

The NEPTUNE 2 model is ideal for everyday, low frequency cleaning tasks in the automotive segment, for tradesmen or around small farms. NEPTUNE 2 combines a unique, highly mobile design with great performance levels and ground breaking features from the larger NEPTUNE lines. NEPTUNE 2 ensures low cost of cleaning with reduced running costs, low storage requirements due to the compact design, and yet a high level of reliability thanks to the many safety functions and professional materials used.

Poseidon 5,6,7




  • Tough and sturdy design with 30mm steel frame

  • Optimal storage and transport with foldable handle and easy lifting points

  • High mobility with large rear wheels and front castor wheel

  • Easy accessibility to pump, optimal service concept

  • Ergonomic accessory concept

Innovative new mid range cold water high pressure washer

The POSEIDON 5 PA-FA mid range are the most versatile partners for demanding customers in agriculture, industry, construction and automotive. We have succeeded in combining an unmatched level of mobility and ease of use with unbeatable robustness, optimal service and great storage features.

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Karcher Puzzi 100 Carpet Cleaner

​A powerful spray extraction unit designed for easy, efficient deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and textile flooring. The Puzzi 100 is an exceptional all rounder, with added features which makes using the machine even quicker and easier. For medium-sized areas in commercial and private applications.

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Nilfisk Alto RS 500 Compact Road Sweeper Demo

With its amazing turning radius and compact design, the RS 502 is the right choice for productive cleaning of limited space outdoor areas like footpaths, pavements, parking lots and loading bays. The RS 502 has a large 246 litre polyethylene water tanks, that ensures long life and reliability.

The RS 502 means that there is now a road sweeper light enough and compact enough to be transferred from job to job on a simple trailer.
Contract cleaners can easily transport the RS 502 to different locations, thereby being able to offer a complete range of cleaning services including outdoor sweeping.