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High standards of hygiene are an indispensable component in professional animal husbandry, because assured quality is the first step towards optimal operating results. Regular, thorough cleaning of animal accommodation – pre-cleaning, disinfection and interim cleaning – are therefore essential to protect animals from germs and vermin.
HDC Classsic
HD 10/25-4 S PLUS
HD 13/18-4 S
HDS 12/18-4 S
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Our environmentally-sound cleaning solutions improve cleanliness with fewer chemicals and less labour and significantly improve staff well being. Improving your facilities and enhancing your reputation is all part of our commitment to providing you with superior value, reliability and efficiency in everything we make and everything we do.
Professional production requires high-quality machines that can be relied on for years. It is therefore essential – particularly for high-performance machines for arable farming and viticulture – to preserve their functionality in the long term through regular cleaning and maintenance.
NT 35-1 Tact Te M
Maxxi II 55
KM 70-30 C Adv
Floortec 350
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