For a clean working environment. Logistics is all about timing and precise coordination. The necessity of cleaning storage areas, vehicles and offices should not interfere with schedules. Solutions are needed that are not an additional burden, but help to do this work quickly and efficiently.
HDC Advanced
HDS 1000 BE
HD 13/18-4 S
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In production systems, cleaning not only ensures cleanliness and process safety, but also serves to maintain machines and contributes to value retention. Every type of dirt has to be quickly and effectively removed – from swarf to grease and oils and emulsions – without interrupting the production process and always with the highest degree of safety.

When material has to be transported safely, cleanliness is vital. Because dirt is a stumbling block in routine operations. Residues can be removed quickly with robust ride-on machines, walk-behind vacuum cleaners and sweepers.
Puzzi 30/4
TW 300
KM 75/40 W P
Floortec 760
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