Production can only run smoothly when every part interlocks perfectly. The same applies to cleaning processes: efficient cleaning can only be achieved if all solutions harmonise with one another.
KM 90/60 R Bp Adv
B 70 R
Floortec R 360
KM 90/60 R Bp Adv
B 90 R
Scrubtec R6
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In production systems, cleaning not only ensures cleanliness and process safety, but also serves to maintain machines and contributes to value retention. Every type of dirt has to be quickly and effectively removed – from swarf to grease and oils and emulsions – without interrupting the production process and always with the highest degree of safety.

When material has to be transported safely, cleanliness is vital. Because dirt is a stumbling block in routine operations. Residues can be removed quickly with robust ride-on machines, walk-behind vacuum cleaners and sweepers.
HDC Classsic
HD 10/25-4 S PLUS
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