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For every part of your dealership. As car sales continue to become more competitive in the UK, dealers must focus on small details to stand out. Fine details such as immaculate forecourts, spotless showrooms, workshops that demonstrate pride, and beautifully washed cars reflect the dealer's professionalism and give each customer the best impression of the service they are receiving. With the right partner, these details are easy to achieve and can even increase profitability.
HD 7/11-4 M PLUS
HDS 10/20-4 M
CV 38/2
HD 13/12-4 ST Gas
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Vehicles are easier to sell in a nice and clean environment where showroom floors are clean and shiny. Customers don’t just judge you on your showroom: they also experience repair centres, where accumulated stubborn greasy dirt requires powerful cleaning solutions.
As car manufacturers increasingly develop their dealership to make service a more integrated element of the customer experience, the workshop is increasingly becoming a customer-facing area and must be presented as such. Because workshops have vehicles coming in and out all day, and because of the nature of service and repair work, workshop floors need special care and attention to remain safe and well-presented, despite the time constraints placed on staff.
T 10/1 Eco!
Attix 50
B 60 W
Scrubtec 653
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